6 September 2023 HRFT Documentation Center Daily Human Rights Report

6 September 2023 Daily Human Rights Report

(09/029) Male Violence Monitoring Report…

According to the “Male Violence Monitoring Report” of Bianet published on September 5, 2023, at least 31 women and 2 children were killed by men in August 2023. It is also reported that at least 92 women were subjected to violence, 11 women were harassed, 13 children were abused by men in August 2023.

(09/030) Operations and Attacks…

The Ministry of National Defence announced that 1 soldier (Ünal Sipahi) died and 1 soldier was wounded in a clash between the Turkish Armed Forces units and HPG militants during the “Claw-Lock” military operation in the Iraqi Kurdistan Regional Government on September 5, 2023.

(09/031) Floods in Kırklareli, Istanbul, Nevşehir and Aksaray…

It is learned that on September 4, 2023, 1 person died due to floods in Aksaray, and 1 person was missing.

It is learned that on September 4, 2023, 2 people lost their lives due to floods in Nevşehir.

It is learned that on September 6, 2023, 2 people lost their lives due to floods in Istanbul.

It is learned that 3 people lost their lives due to the floods in Kırklareli on September 6, 2023, and 3 people were missing.

(09/032) Torture and Ill-Treatment in Diyarbakır…

It is learned that 2 people (Davut Datumani and Osman Datumani) were subjected to physical violence of the police during house raids in Çınar district of Diyarbakır on September 5, 2023. It is learned that 5 people (Ramazan Datumani, Fatime Datumani, Revşen Datumani, Davut Datumani, Osman Datumani) were detained on the grounds of ‘being an illegal organisation member’.

(09/033) Ban of Access to Web Contents…

It is learned that the news reports about the bureaucrats of the Ministry of Family and Social Services, published on https://www.birgun.net, and websites were banned to access on the grounds of violation of personal rights by Erzurum Penal Court of Peace No. 2 on September 5, 2023.