5 April 2016 HRFT Daily Human Rights Report

5 April 2016 Daily Human Rights Report

(04/024) Curfew in Sur…

After the completion of the military operations in Sur district of Diyarbakır, the curfew reached its 123rd day as of 5 April 2016.

On 4 April 2016 the bodies of 2 persons were transferred from Sur to Gaziantep for identification.

According to the news appeared in the press on 4 April 2016, One of the unidentified bodies kept in Gaziantep was identified as Seyda Cegerxwin Özbek.

(04/025) Curfew in Cizre…

After the completion of the operations, the night-curfew in Cizre district of Şırnak reached its 34th day as of 5 April 2016.

2 person who were buried after being killed in Cizre were identified as Sefa Sever and Murat Aslan after the DNA tests. The bodies were taken by their families on 4 April 2016.

(04/026) Operations and Attacks in the Southeast…

YPS member Yasin Elçi’nin (Tolhıldan Çırav) on 30 March 2016 and YPS member “Botan Nusaybin” on 1 April 2016 were killed during the armed clashes in Şırnak where curfew was imposed during on-going operations.

YPS member “Agit Van” was killed during armed clashes on 1 April 2016 in Yüksekova district of Hakkari. YPS member Orhan Gül (Rızgar Van) was also killed on 2 April 2016 in Yüksekova.

YPS member Mehmet Salih Akar who was killed on 30 March 2016 in Yüksekova was reportedly identified on 4 April 2016.

Temporary village guard Adnan D. was killed during an armed attack on 4 April 2016 in Girmeli village of Nusaybin district in Mardin.

According to the news appeared in the press on 4 April 2016, 4 members of YPS and YPS-JIN who were killed during the clashes on the 14th day of blockade and curfew in Yüksekova district of Hakkari and transferred to Erzurum Forensic Institute were identified as Mustafa Ekin, Ferhat Yaşa, Evindar Kılıçarslan, Tülay Eren and Kader Çoban.

There are reportedly 13 unidentified bodies in the Erzurum Forensic Institute.

1 gendarmerie soldier was killed and 2 gendarmerie soldiers were wounded during an armed clash that broke out on 4 April 2016 in Nusaybin district of Mardin.

7 police officers died, 14 civilians and 13 police officers were wounded when a bomb vehicle exploded on 31 March 2016 during the passage of an armoured vehicle in Bağlar district of Diyarbakır. The number of casualties reached 8 when a police officer died in the hospital on 5 April 2016.

9 persons were detained in connection with the attack and the detainees were reportedly subjected to torture 4 detainees were arrested on 4 April 2016.

1 police officer died and 4 police officers were abounded when n armoured police vehicle was attacked on 4 April 2016 in Silopi district of Şırnak. Curfew was imposed in the district after the attack.

1 major and 2 soldiers died, 1 soldier was wounded during an armed clash that broke out on 4 April 2016 in Nusaybin district of Mardin.

(04/027) Worker Deaths…

Worker’s Health and Job Safety Assembly announced on 4 April 2016 that at least 157 workers died in March 2016 during work accidents due to untaken security measures. At least 415 workers died in first 3 months of 2016.

(04/028) Ethem Sarısülük Case…

Aksaray Heavy Penal Court continued on 4 April 2016 to hear the retrial of police officer Ahmet Şahbaz launched in connection with the killing of Ethem Sarısülük on 1 June 2013 during Gezi Park demonstrations in Ankara. The case was transferred from Ankara to Aksaray for security reasons.

The court read out the decision of the Court of the Cassation at the hearing. The court rejected the demand for the arrest of the defendant and adjourned the hearing to 27 June 2016.

Ankara Heavy Penal Court No 6 concluded on 3 September 2014 to hear the case against police officer Ahmet Şahbaz and reduced at first the life imprisonment for “intentional killing” to 21 years for “killing someone with possible intention”. The court increased the sentence to 28 years for committing the crime on duty. But then the sentence was reduced to 7 years 9 months 10 days relying on “unjust provocation”, “good conduct of the defendant at the hearings” and “matter of discretional extenuation”.

1st Penal Chamber at the Court of Cassation quashed the verdict on procedural grounds and did not deal with the merits of the case. The Chamber also rejected the release demand of Ahmet Şahbaz. But Ahmet Şahbaz was released on 3 September 2015 to be tried without remand.

(04/029) March Prevented in Şanlıurfa…

The police prevented a group of persons who wanted to go from Mersin to Amara village of Halfeti district in Şanlıurfa for the birthday of Abdullah Öcalan. The group was stopped nearby Birecik district and 19 persons were detained.

(04/030) Detentions and Arrests…

Mehmet Hatip Özdemir who was detained during the operations conducted on 4 April 2016 in Viranşehir village of Karlıova district in Bingöl was arrested on the same day on the allegations of “being member of an illegal organisation”.

10 persons including 6 children who were among 17 persons detained during house raids in Adana for “taking part in demonstrations on various dates” were arrested on 4 April 2016 on the allegations of “being member of an illegal organisation” and “making propaganda of an illegal organisation”.