3 January 2024 HRFT Documentation Center Daily Human Rights Report

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3 January 2024 Daily Human Rights Report

(01/017) Refugee Lost His Life in a Removal Center…

It is learned from the news coverage of January 3, 2024, that Hasan Muhammed (28), a citizen of Syria, died under suspicious circumstances in Ankara Akyurt Removal Center. An official from Asylum Seekers Rights Platform made the following statement on the issue: “The family contacted me this morning: They told me that Hasan did not have any health problems before he went to the Removal Center and that the Removal Center called them today and said ‘Come and take your funeral’. The Removal Center does not give the family any reason for the death, they just say ‘Take your funeral’. According to the family, Hasan had bruises on his face, so they suspect that he may have been tortured.”

(01/018) Torture and Ill-Treatment in Prison…

It is learned from the news coverage of January 2, 2024, that letters written by prisoners in Izmir Şakran Women’s Prison to MPs, artists and intellectuals about the isolation of PKK leader Abdullah Öcalan were seized by the prison administration.

It is learned from the news coverage of January 2, 2024, that the heaters in Osmaniye T Type Prison are not on.

(01/019) Police Prevent a Protest in Ankara…

The police prevented the press statement, which was planned to be held in front of Human Rights Monument in the Çankaya district on January 2, 2024, to protest the circular of Ankara Governorate to municipalities with the title “About Stray Animals”. It is learned that the police also prevented the press statement to be held elsewhere.

(01/020) İYİ Parti Members Detained While Distributing Flyers in Istanbul…

On January 2, 2024, 3 members of IYI Parti (Oğuz Talha Uz, Baturalp Akalın and Akif Demirel) were detained by the police in Istanbul while distributing a flyer reading “Keep voting for us for the Arabization of Turkey” with the pictures of the President and the chair of the Nationalist Movement Party (MHP). The detainees were released in the early morning on January 3, 2023, after statement procedures at the police.

(01/021) Journalist and Others Detained through a Van-based Investigation…

9 of 10 people, including Mezopotamia Agency (MA) reporter Hakan Yalçın, who were detained through a Van based investigation on December 29, 2023, were released by the Penal Court of Peace on judicial control condition on January 2, 2023. 1 person (Bedirhan Akyıldız) was arrested on the allegation of ‘being a member of an illegal organization’.

(01/022) Person Arrested in Ankara…

It is learned from the news coverage of January 2, 2024, that Y. T., who was detained on the grounds of chanting “Down with the Republic, Sharia will come” and “Damn the Republic” at Anıtkabir courtyard in Ankara on December 30, 2023, was arrested by the Penal Court of Peace.

(01/023) Journalist Under Investigation…

It is learned from the news coverage of January 3, 2023, that Istanbul Public Prosecutor’s Office initiated an investigation against journalist Fatih Altaylı on the grounds of ‘praising offence and offender’ for his social media post on January 1, 2023, about a person being attacked for the flag he was carrying at a rally for Gaza in Istanbul. It is also reported that a second investigation was initiated against Fatih Altaylı on the grounds of ‘provoking the public to hatred, hostility or degrading’ for his remarks about the participants of a rally in Ankara on January 24, 2023.

(01/024) Racist Banner Hung by the Bolu Municipality…

It is learned from the news coverage of January 2, 2023, that Bolu Municipality hung banners on billboards in the city with the words “I congratulate Fenerbahçe and Galatasaray community for reminding the desert rat Bedouins of the greatness of Atatürk. No Turkey without Atatürk”. It is reported that the banners were removed by the decision of Bolu Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office and an investigation was initiated against Bolu Mayor Tanju Özcan.

[1]The reports on the human rights violations of the Documentation Center are claims unless they are certified. The claim of violation either is certified through thoroughly investigations of HRFT Documentation Center, including by judicial verdicts, and becomes a definite data or it is not included to the annual report.

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[5] Daily Human Rights Reports are prepared on the information gathered by the Documentation Center from its own network and the following dailies and internet portals: Vatan, Milliyet, Hürriyet, Habertürk, Evrensel, Birgün, Cumhuriyet, Fırat Haber Ajansı, Jinnews, ETHA, Mezopotamya Ajansı, Yurt, Yeni Yaşam, NTV, Yeni Asya, Bianet,, Cnnturk, Tr724, İleri Haber, Siyasi Haber, Alınteri, Kızılbayrak,, Yüksekova Haber, T24, Diken, Gazete Karınca, Gazete Duvar. Haber Sol, El Cezire, BBC, Deutsche Welle, Reuters, AFP.