29 September 2017 HRFT Documentation Center Daily Human Rights Report

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29 September 2017 Daily Human Rights Report

(09/234) Trial of Nuriye Gülmen and Semih Özakça…

Second trial of expelled academic Nuriye Gülmen, educator Semih Özakça and other defendant who is not arrested Acun Karadağ, continued on Ankara 19th Heavy Penal Court on September 28, 2017. Arrested defendant Semih Özakça and Acun Karadağ were both present at the trial. Nuriye Gülmen was not brought to court. Gülmen was transferred to Sincan Prison Hospital two days before the trial, against her will. Gülmen’s request to attend the trial was rejected by the hospital authority as it was seen ‘‘medically not possible’’.

The court limited the number of viewers for the trial to 30 although the capacity of the courtroom is 80. CHP and HDP MPs, representatives human rights organizations and Veli Saçılık were present in the court room.

It is reported that police intervened to those waiting outside the courtroom with rubber bullets. During the clashes one person was detained and later released.

The court requested from Karadağ and Özakça to select 3 attorneys and declared that it would not hear any further number of attorneys.  Both Özakça and Karadağ resisted the decision deeming it an assault towards defense rights but the court overruled their objection.

Semih Özakça made his defense at the court. Acun Karadağ refused to defend himself before Nuriye Gülmen is also brought to court.

TIHV Secretary General Metin Bakkalcı was listened as a medical expert witness and spoke on the doctor treatments and continuing hunger strike of defendants.

Following the defenses of the attorneys the court ruled for the continuity of both Gülmen and Özakça’s arrests and adjourned the trial to October 20, 2017. The trial will take place in a facility within Sincan Prison. The court also requested to hear Berk Ercan as a witness. Ercan will attend the trial through SEGBİS. The court also ruled for Nuriye Gülmen to attend the trial, with medical equipment if necessary, or testify from her current location.

 (09/235) Civilians Killed and Injured in Hakkari AUAV During Attack…

On August 31, 2017 3 people were injured and 1 died in Kanireş region near Hakkari’s Oğul village following a bomb attack from an armed unmanned aerial vehicle (AUAV). It is learned that İsmail Aydın who was heavily wounded from his stomach and foot stayed in the hospital for 28 days and is now discharged from the hospital. Aydın stated to press on September 29, 2017 that they were in the area to have a picnic and passed a police control point in Depin. Aydın said that right after their arrival 4 people without uniforms approached and warned them to leave the area saying it is ‘forbidden’. According to Aydın, shortly after this the explosion happened.

Musa Tarhan and İbrahim Sak who were both injured in the same incident were detained on September 2, 2017 and were arrested on September 8, 2017 before their medical treatment was finalized. Both are arrested due to ‘‘helping and harboring an illegal organization’’.

 (09/236) Operations and Attacks in Southeast…

It is learned that 1 village guard died and 2 were injured during a clash between armed forces and HPG militant in a rural area near Ağrı’s Doğubayazıt district. It is learned that 1 soldier died and 4 soldiers were injured during a clash in Kanimasi, a district in Iraqi Kurdistan Regional Government which close to Hakkari’s Çukurca district.

It is learned that on September 26, 2017 3 militants died during an air strike and land strike in a rural area of Hakkari. It is learned that 3 militants died during a clash between HPG militants and armed forces in Adil Beg, a zone within Iraqi Kurdistan Regional Government borders.

 (09/237) Torture and Ill-Treatment in Prison…

News report from September 29, 2017 claimed that a prisoner named Halil Yılmaz (26) with 50% mental disability was tortured and subject to ill-treatment in Denizli Type T Prison. It is learned that Yılmaz is charged with 12 years due ‘membership of an illegal organization’. According to his brother Celal Yılmaz, Halil Yılmaz was forced take of his clothes and tortured.

On September 29, 2017 spouse of a prisoner in Silivri Type no 2, Betül Özdemir declared to press that her husband and another prisoner were tortured in prison. According to Özdemir, Mehmet Özdemir and Mazlum Aslan’s cells were raided by wardens and then 2 prisoners were handcuffed from behind,  they were sent to isolation cells where they were abused physically. Betül Özdemir stated that her husband had bruises on his face, hands and arms.

News coverage from September 29, 2017 reported that a prisoner named Mert Avcı in Tekirdağ No1 Type T prison was physically abused by the wardens. It is reported that the wardens raided a cell where 8 prisoners stay and assaulted prisoners. During the incident, Mert Avcı passed out due to hits towards his neck and crotch. It is also reported that prisoners filed a criminal complaint regarding the incident.

 (09/238) Rejection of Meeting Request with Öcalan…

It is learned that on September 28, 2017 PKK Leader Abdullah Öcalan’s brother and sister along with families of Ömer Hayri Konar and Veysel Aktaş who are both prisoners in Imrali, requested from Bursa Public Prosecutor’s Office to meet with them. The request was denied on the same day based on limitations regarding the convicted prisoners due to Law on the Execution of Criminal and Security Measures Number 5275.

(09/239) Arrested co-Mayor…

Sevinç Bozan, co-Mayor of Mardin’s Artuklu district who had been detained on September 14, 2017, was arrested due to ‘‘membership of an illegal organization’’ on September 28, 2017. A trustee was appointed by the government in Bozan’s place in December 13, 2017.

 (09/240) Police Operation Towards DHKPC…

It is learned that 12 people detained on September 12, 2017 and onwards were arrested on September 28, 2017 by the court in Istanbul they were sent to. Names of the arrested detainees are: Bahar Kurt, Nagihan Kurt, Ulaş İnci, Selda Özçelik, Deniz Özçelik, Dilek Kaya, Yurdagül Gümüş, Celal Akgün, Abdullah Özgün, Aslıhan Burçaklar, İlyas Argun, Fikret Akar. It is also learned that sister of Bergün Varan who also appeared in front of the court through this investigation is also detained and sent to İstanbul Police Headquarters.

(09/241) Police Intervention Towards ‘‘I Want My Job Back’’ demonstrations in Ankara…

Civil servants discharged from their jobs with KHK legislations planned for a press meeting in front of the Human Rights Monument in Ankara Yüksel Street on September 28, 2017. The resistance of the group has been going on for a certain period of time. Two meetings planned at 13.00 and 18.00 respectively were both prevented by the police forces who clocked entrance to the street by barriers. No detentions occurred. Arm of a woman making a peace sign was twisted by a police officer.

(09/242) Detentions and Arrests in Connection with the Coup d’État Attempt…

It is learned that on September 28, 2017 15 people including regular soldiers were detained in Aydın, 36 people were detained in Bursa.

It is reported that through an İzmir based investigation detention requests were filed for 98 regular soldiers and 19 discharged soldiers. It is learned that operations began in 45 cities to detain these soldiers.

It is learned that Celal Çelik attorney of CHP leader Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu, was released from detention with an overseas travel ban on September 28, 2017. Çelik was detained on September 15, 2017.

It is reported that 5 of 7 people detained in Bayburt on September 25, 2017 were arrested on September 28, 2017.

 (09/243) Trial of former HDP co-Chair…

Former HDP co-chair Figen Yüksekdağ’s trial in İzmir Heavy Penal Court No 2 continued on September 28, 2017. Figendağ was accused with ‘making propaganda of an illegal organization’ due a speech she gave in İzmir in 2016. Yüksekdağ did not attend the trial as she refused to attend it through SEGBİS. Attorneys requested the case to be merged with Yüksekdağ’s other case in Ankara Heavy Penal Court No 16 where she is accused with ‘membership of an illegal organization’ and ‘making propaganda of an illegal organization’. The court accepted the request and adjourned the trial to a further date.

 (09/244) Trial of HDP MP’s…

The trial of HDP Şırnak MP’s Ferhat Encü, Leyal Birlik, Aycan İrmez and Batman MP Mehmet Ali Aslan continued on September 28, 2017. MP’s were accused with ‘breaching special security zone’ by Şırnak Heavy Penal Court No 2. Ferhat Encü attended the trial through SEGBİS, other MP’s did not attend. Following the defenses the court adjourned the trial to January 25, 2018.

It is learned that HDP Muş MP Burcu Çelik issued a criminal complaint to Muş Public Prosecutors Office. Çelik was reportedly verbally accused by village guards during her visit to Sungu and Karaağaç villages in Muş on the June 7,2015 election day. A case was also opened against Çelik at the Muş Heavy Penal Court No 1 due to a speech she made about the village guards on June 8, 2017. Çelik is arrested for this speech and she is on trial for the case.

 (09/245) Trial of Van Co-Mayor…

The trial of Van Co-Mayor Bekir Kaya and 10 other municipality employees continued on September 28, 2017. Kaya and municipality workers are on trial because the fire department of Van reportedly didn’t intervene the fire during Kobane incidents in 2014. The case was opened by Van Penal Court of First Instance No 3.  Defendants who are not arrested were present at the trial. Bekir Kaya attended the trial through SEGBİS from Silivri Prison. Following the defenses, the court ruled for mandatory hearings of witnesses Chamber of Commerce President Necdet Takva and former ESOB president Faruk Alpaslan. The court adjourned the trial to December 14, 2017.

 (09/246) Trial of Bitlis co-Mayor…

The final hearing of Bitlis co-Mayor Hüseyin Okan at Bitlis Heavy Penal Court No 2 took place on September 28, 2017. Hüseyin Olan attended the trial through SEGBİS from Elazığ Type F Prison. Following the defenses, the court sentenced Olan with 7 years 6 months due to ‘membership of an illegal organization’. A trustee was appointed in Olan’s place by the government following his arrest in November 25, 2016.

 (09/247) Trial of Journalist in Mardin …

The trial of 9 people including now closed DİHA’s reporter Abdülkadir Turay contunied on September 28, 2017. 9 people were charged with ‘membership of an illegal organization’ by Mardin Heavy Penal Court No 2. Following the defenses the court ruled for the continuity of arrests for all defendants and adjourned the trial to October 6, 2017. Abdülkadir Turay was arrested on May 9, 2016.

 (09/248) 3 People on Trial for HES Protests in Artvin…

The trial of Semra Ìskender, Fethi Ìskender and Ayla Aydın continued on September 28, 2017 in Artvin Penal Court of First Instance. Defendants were protesting Kavak HES Project and earth movers entering lands that haven’t been expropriated. The court found defendant guilty of ‘crimes against freedom of conducting business and freedom of labor’ and charged all three with 3.000 TL penalties.

 (09/249) Trial for the Incident in Aysel Tuğluk’s Mother’s Funeral…

It is learned that Ankara public prosecutor’s Office prepared an indictment for 19 people regarding the incident during HDP Vice Co-Chair Aysel Tuğluk’s mother’s funeral on September 12, 2017. Indictment requests up to 10 years of jail time for defendants due to ‘violation of freedom of faith, thought and opinion’, ‘violation of right to assembly and demonstration’ and ‘assault’. It is reported that a non-prosecution decision was made for the police officers present during the incident.

Following the incident 26 people were detained. 3 of 26 were arrested for ‘violation of freedom of faith, thought and opinion’ and ‘violation of right to assembly and demonstration’. 23 people were released 4 of which with judiciary control condition.

 (09/250) Trials in Connection with the Coup d’État Attempt…

The final hearing of Alpaslan Yiğit took place in Erzurum Heavy Penal Court No 2 on September 28, 2017. Yiğit was allegedly an imam and ‘confidential henchman’ for the organization. Yiğit who is in Van High Security Penal Institution attended the trial through SEGBİS. The court sentenced Yiğit to 15 years due to ‘forming and leading an illegal organization’ and ruled for the continuity of his arrest.

The final hearing of 12 defendants on trial with ‘membership of an illegal organization’ in Afyon Heavy Penal Court No 2 took place on September 28, 2017. The court sentenced 10 defendants to 3 years 9 months and 9 years 9 months. 1 defendant was released and 1 defendant’s case was separated. The court also released 3 defendants with judiciary control condition as they benefited from effective remorse law.

The trial of 73 defendants including Fettullah Gülen, by Ankara 4th Heavy Penal Court continued on September 28, 2017. Following the defenses the court ruled for the contunoity of arrests and adjourned the trial to November 28-29, 2017.

The trial of 28 defendants including Coast Guard Commander Hakan Üstem, continued September 28, 2017 in Heavy Penal Court No 17. The court accepted Prime Ministry’s request for involvement in the case. Prosecution revealed the indictment and requested heavy life sentences for 27 defendants due to ‘attempting to overthrow the constitutional order’, ‘“attempting to overthrow the Parliament’, ‘“attempting to overthrow the government and preventing it from functioning’. Prosecution requested 7 years and 6 months for one defendant due to ‘destroying, hiding, manipulating evidence’. The court overruled and adjourned the meeting to October 17, 2017.

It is learned that Sinop Mayor Yasemin Özata’s husband, former Colonel Temel Çetinkaya, was arrested following an objection towards his release.

 (09/251) Blocked Internet News…

It is learned that following a request from AKP Kahramanmaraş MP Celalettin Güvenç, all news, social media posts, sale links about the book by Odatv News Chief Barış Terkoğlu and Editor in Chief Barış Pehlivan, are blocked. The book is called “Mahrem: Gizli Belgelerde Türkiye’nin Sırları” (Confidential: Secrets of Turkey Through Classified Documents)

 [1]  The reports on the human rights violations of the Documentation Center are claims unless they are certified. The claim of violation either is certified through thoroughly investigations of HRFT Documentation Center, including by judicial verdicts, and becomes a definite data or it is not included to the annual report.

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