28 March 2023 HRFT Documentation Center Daily Human Rights Report

Human Rights Foundation of Turkey Documentation Center[1][2][3][4][5]

28 March 2023 Daily Human Rights Report

(03/238) Person Attacked in Istanbul…

It is learned that 3 people who were detained in relation to the attack on writer Cemil Kılıç in front of his house in Istanbul on March 25, 2023, were released on March 27, 2023.

(03/239) Child Subjected to Torture and Ill-Treatment in Diyarbakır…

It is learned that 2 police officers (A. O. and H. Ç.) who were detained but then released in relation to the torture and ill-treatment of a 14-year-old child named Y. D. in Lice district of Diyarbakır on MArch 21, 2023; and were detained once again on March 27, 2023, were released by the court on judicial control conditions on March 28, 2023.

The statement of Y. D. to the prosecutor’s office is covered by the press and goes as follows: “My dad asked me to buy bread. I was walking on the street of the market. The armoured police vehicle chased me and I escaped into a building. The police broke into the building and said ‘This one is little, let us take the other one’ regarding the 10-year-old child there. They dragged me into the armoured vehicle while they were hitting me. They said to each other ‘Turn the lights off so that the surveillance cameras could not cover’. They drove me to the garbage area on Lice road. They hit me with the gunstock of the long barrelled weapons. They tied my hands in front of my face with the scarf on my neck. And tied the scarf behind my neck and tried to choke me. They handcuffed my ankles. They were recording a video at that time, and saying ‘You will curse at Kurds and Öcalan. Sing the national anthem, tell the Turkish soldier poem. In case you don’t memorise the poem, we will find you via the GPS that we placed on your back and kill you’. All these took around 40 minutes. They put me in the vehicle, with ties hands and feet, and brought to the road towards the entrance of the security directorate. They beat me until we were there. And then they took me to the rural areas of Karahasan neighbourhood and threw me in a pit.”

(03/240) Earthquakes in Antep and Maraş…

The Minister of Family and Social Services made a statement on March 27, 2023 and declared that a total of 1,915 unaccompanied children were registered in the system, 1,753 of them were identified and given to their families, 74 children were in the hospital, 82 children were in the institutions of the ministry, and 37 children could not be identified.

(03/241) Police Intervention to a Protest in Istanbul…

The police prevented the Mata Automotive workers, who were on strike for 27 days demanding improvement of heavy working conditions and an additional raise, gathering in Tuzla district of Istanbul on March 27, 2023 to march from Istanbul to Ankara.

(03/242) Lawyer on Trial in Ankara…

The final trial of the case against lawyer Celal Çelik on the grounds of ‘insulting the President’ on social media, is held at Ankara Penal Court of First Instance No. 68 on March 28, 2023. The court decided to acquit Celal Çelik.

(03/243) Correction Officers on Trial in Aydın…

The trial of the case against 5 correction officers (Cem A., Mehmet E. D., Mustafa İ., Ömer G. T. and Taşkın G.) regarding death of a prisoner named Yılmaz Ekinci in Aydın E Type Prison on January 13, 2022, is held at Aydın Penal Court of First Instance No. 1 on March 28, 2023. The indictment demands sentence for defendants on the charge of “misconduct”. The court rejected the recusation demand of Ekinci family and adjourned the trial to June 6, 2023. The prison administration has declared that Yılmaz Ekinci killed himself however Aydın Public Prosecutor’s Office has launched an investigation upon the torture and ill-treatment allegations.

(03/244) Police Officer on Trial in Şırnak…

In the case against the police officer S. E., on the grounds of injuring lawyer Serkan Karakaş by hitting him with his vehicle on April 10, 2022, Şırnak Penal Court of First Instance has ruled lack of jurisdiction and sent the case to heavy penal court. The first trial of the case at Şırnak Heavy Penal Court No. 3 is held on March 27, 2023. The indictment demands sentence for the police officer on the charge of ‘attempt to intentional killing’. The court rejected to arrest the police officer and adjourned the trial to July 3, 2023. Police officer S. E. was arrested after the incident but was released after the prosecutor’s indictment was accepted by the court.

(03/245) May 14, 2023 General Elections…

On March 27, 2023, 25 people including the Democratic Regions Party (DBP) and HDP Suruç district co-chairs were detained through an Urfa based investigation. The names of detained people learned so far are: Hülya Demir, HDP district co-chair Yaşar Gündüzalp, DBP district co-chair Rojda Binici, Mehmet Akif Yıldız, Zeki Bali, Asiye Fırat, Maide Kurttekin, Nermin Çakır, Osman Akgün, Sabri Kaya, Bülent Koçyiğit, Feryal Çelikbaş, Salih Kaplan, Ergün Akaslan, Bülent Koçyiğit, Avni Gökkan, İsmet Bali, Mustafa Bali.

[1]The reports on the human rights violations of the Documentation Center are claims unless they are certified. The claim of violation either is certified through thoroughly investigations of HRFT Documentation Center, including by judicial verdicts, and becomes a definite data or it is not included to the annual report.

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[5] Daily Human Rights Reports are prepared on the information gathered by the Documentation Center from its own network and the following dailies and internet portals: Vatan, Milliyet, Hürriyet, Habertürk, Evrensel, Birgün, Cumhuriyet, Fırat Haber Ajansı, Jinnews, ETHA, Mezopotamya Ajansı, Yurt, Yeni Yaşam, NTV, Yeni Asya, Bianet,, Cnnturk, Tr724, İleri Haber, Siyasi Haber, Alınteri, Kızılbayrak,, Yüksekova Haber, T24, Diken, Gazete Karınca, Gazete Duvar. Haber Sol, El Cezire, BBC, Deutsche Welle, Reuters, AFP.