26 May 2016 HRFT Daily Human Rights Report

26 May 2016 Daily Human Rights Report

(05/133) Operations and Attacks in the Southeast…

1 soldier and 2 temporary village guards died, 2 soldiers were wounded when Anıtlı Gendarmerie Station was attacked with a bomb vehicle on 25 May 2016 in Midyat district of Mardin.

The body of YPS-JIN member Sonay Engin who was kept in Gaziantep since being killed during armed clashes on 31 March 2015 was taken by her family after being identified on 25 May 2016.

Governorate of Tunceli announced on 25 May 2016 that 11 regions in Tunceli city centre and Nazımiye, Ovacık, Pülümür districts were decided to be temporary security zones until 1 September 2016. Entrance of civilians to the security zones was also banned.

8 HPG militants were allegedly killed in a cave during the operations conducted on 25 May 2016 in Beri Zinar region of Zewkan village in Yüksekova district of Hakkari.

(05/134) Mehmet Ayvalıtaş Case…

Anadolu (İstanbul) Heavy Penal Court No 8 continued on 25 May 2016 to hear the case against Mehmet Görkem Demirbaş (19) and Cengiz Aktaş launched in connection with the killing of Mehmet Ayvalıtaş (21). On 2 June 2013, the defendants drove their car into the crowd during a Gezi Park demonstration in Ümraniye district of İstanbul and caused the death of Mehmet Ayvalıtaş.

The lawyers of Ayvalıtaş family objected the expert’s report alleging that Mehmet Ayvalıtaş was the only and fully negligent during the incident. The court adjourned the hearing to 12 July 2016.

(05/135) Investigations, Detentions and Arrests on the Allegations of Insulting State President…

The police raided the radio station Radyo Karacadağ on 25 May 2016 in Şanlıurfa and detained 3 workers of the station on the allegations of “insulting the State President in the programmes of the radio”.

(05/136) Publishing House Raided in İstanbul…

The police raided on 25 May 2016 the premises of publishing house Ozan Yayıncılık in Gazi quarter of Sultangazi district Istanbul. 7 persons who were working on the pre-printing of the journal Yürüyüş were detained during the raid.

(05/137) Protest Intervened in İzmir…

The police intervened the demonstration staged by the Aegean University students on 25 May 2016 in İzmir to protest in the turnstiles at the gates of the university and faculties. 17 members of Student Collectives were detained under beating during the intervention.

(05/138) Ban on Meetings and Demonstrations in Hakkari…

Governorate of Hakkari made an announcement on 25 May 2016 and banned all the meetings and demonstrations, public statements in all districts of the province.

(05/139) Association Closed in Mardin…

According to the news appeared in the press on 25 May 2016, Midyat (Mardin) Civil Court of First Instance No 1 concluded to hear the case launched by Directorate of Associations in Mardin with the demand of closure of the association Şemikan Birliği Derneği on the grounds that the association was working in the fields of health, international relations, fraud, environment, migration and poverty in contradiction to its statute; having Co-Chairs in contradiction the the Law on Associations, and using word “union” in addition to association.

After the final defence as to the demand of the Directorate of Association, the court ruled the closure of the association.

(05/140) Students on Trial in İstanbul…

İstanbul Heavy Penal Court No 14 continued on 25 May 2016 to hear the case against 14 university students including 7 remanded defendants launched on charges of “being member of an illegal organisation”.

Following the testimonies of the students, the court decided for the continuation of the arrest of the defendants Şilan Okut, Jülide Yazıcı, Mehtap Demirci, Heja Türk, Sinem Oğuz, Çağrı, Metin Arslan and adjourned the hearing to 18 July 2016.

(05/141) Detentions and Arrests…

Operations against Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) and Democratic Regions Party (DBP) continued on 25 May 2016 throughout Turkey.

7 persons in Birecik district of Şanlıurfa, 5 persons in Siirt, 1 person in Diyarbakır, 15 persons including DBP Co-Chair Demet Paksoy in Gaziantep were detained during the operations conducted by the police and the gendarmerie.

Candeniz Yavalı and Siirt University Students’ Council Representative Aziz Baday who were among 5 persons detained in Siirt were arrested on the allegations of “being member of an illegal organisation”.

Amed Kurdish Language Research and Development Association (Amed Kürt Dili Araştırma ve Geliştirme Derneği – KURDÎ-DER) Co-Chair Ozan Kılınç was detained during a house raid conducted by the police in Diyarbakır.

10 persons including 3 children who were among 12 persons detained during the operations against United Revolutionary Party (Birleşik Devrimci Parti) in Adana were arrested on 25 May 2016 on the allegations of “being member of the illegal Turkey Northern Kurdistan Liberation Organisation (Türkiye Kuzey Kürdistan Kurtuluş Örgütü – TKKKÖ)”.