22 February 2023 HRFT Documentation Center Daily Human Rights Report

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22 February 2023 Daily Human Rights Report

(02/177) Earthquakes in Antep, Maraş and Hatay…

According to the information recorded by Boğaziçi University Kandilli Observatory and Earthquake Research Institute, on February 20, 2023, an earthquake with a magnitude of 6.4 in Samandağ district of Hatay which struck at 20:04 local time killed 6 people and injured 562 people as of February 22, 2023.

According to the information recorded by Boğaziçi University Kandilli Observatory and Earthquake Research Institute, on February 6, 2023, an earthquake with a magnitude of 7.7 in Şehitkamil district of Antep which struck at 04:17 local time and an earthquake with a magnitude of 7.5 in Ekinözü district of Maraş which struck at 13:24 local time killed at least 42,310 people and injured 114.991 people as of February 22, 2023.

The Civil Society Association in the Penal Execution System (CISST) announced on February 21, 2023 that 17,600 prisoners in Maraş, Adıyaman, Osmaniye, Hatay and Antep were affected by the earthquakes in Hatay, Antep and Maraş earthquakes.

It is learned from the news coverage of February 21, 2023 that, some of the columns in the wards of Osmaniye T Type Prison No. 1 were damaged due to the earthquake on February 20, 2023.

It is learned from the news coverage of February 22, 2023 that, the number of contractors who were arrested for their responsibility in the buildings collapsed in Antep and Maraş earthquakes is 160 as of February 22, 2023.

(02/178) Soldier Died in Iğdır…

The Ministry of National Defence announced that infantry sergeant Mesut Taşar who was injured in a military vehicle crash in Iğdır on December 29, 2023, died in hospital on February 21, 2023.

(02/179) Person Arrested in Earthquake Region…

The Socialist Youth Associations’ Federation (SGDF) member Umut Polat who was detained on February 21, 2023 in Antep where he was for earthquake rescue efforts, is arrested by the court on the charge of ‘insulting the President’ on February 22, 2023.

(02/180) Investigation Against Union Executive…

It is learned that an investigation was launched against the United Textile Weaving and Leather Workers’ Union (BİRTEK-SEN) chair Mehmet Türkmen on the grounds of ‘publicly disseminating false information with the intent to create anxiety, fear or panic among the public’ for his statements about the earthquake search and rescue efforts; and that Mehmet Türkmen made his official statement through the investigation at Antep Provincial Security Directorate on February 21, 2023.

(02/181) Torture and Ill-Treatment in Prison…

It is learned from the news coverage of February 21, 2023 that 6 prisoners in C-23 ward of Antep Islahiye T Type Prison were subjected to torture and ill-treatment of the correction officers on the grounds of “disrespect” and were injured at several body parts.

The Lawyers for Freedom Association (ÖHD) Prison Commission Co-Spokesperson lawyer Yusuf Çakas, stated to the press on February 22, 2023 that prisoners who were transferred to other prisons due to the earthquake were only allowed to take 1 bag of belongings with them, and that the prisoners were forced to strip search at the entrance of prison.

(02/182) Journalist on Trial in Ağrı…

The trial of the case against journalist Abdullah Kaya, a reporter of Dicle News Agency which was closed down by a state of emergency decree, is held at Ağrı Heavy Penal Court No. 2 on February 21, 2023. The indictment demands sentence for Abdullah Kaya on the charges of ‘knowingly and willingly aiding an illegal organisation without being a member’ and ‘making successive propaganda for an illegal organisation’. The court adjourned the trial to May 4, 2023.

(02/183) People on Trial in Ankara…

The trial of the case against 7 people who were detained by the police intervening in the protest for housing problems, held in Ankara on September 20, 2021, is held at Ankara Penal Court of First Instance No. 37 on February 22, 2023. The indictment demands sentence for 7 people on the charge of ‘violating the Law on Meetings and Demonstrations’. The court decided to forcibly bring the complainant police officers and adjourned the trial to June 22, 2023.

(02/184) Attack on Party Office…

It is learned that a person named Mehmet Beyazıt attacked on the provincial office of the Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) in Beyoğlu district of Istanbul on February 21, 2023, saying “you are terrorists”. It is learned that nobody was injured and the attacker was detained.

(02/185) Banned Book…

It is learned from the news coverage of February 21, 2023 that, the book “Living Qur’an” of İhsan Eliacik was banned to be published, distributed, and sold by Istanbul Penal Court of Peace No. 1 upon the request of the Presidency of Religious Affairs, on the grounds that “it contains objectionable elements in terms of the basic characteristics of the religion of Islam”.

(02/186) Ban of Access to Web Contents…

It is learned that the website was banned to access by the Information Technologies and Communication Institution on February 21, 2023.

[1]The reports on the human rights violations of the Documentation Center are claims unless they are certified. The claim of violation either is certified through thoroughly investigations of HRFT Documentation Center, including by judicial verdicts, and becomes a definite data or it is not included to the annual report.

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