18 August 2015 HRFT Daily Human Rights Report

18 August 2015 Daily Human Rights Report

(08/092) Extra-judicial Killings Allegations in Muş…

After the attack of the PKK militants 15 August 2015 in Varto district of Muş against the city centre, security directorate and gendarmerie stations, Governorate in Muş declared curfew in Varto on 16 August 2015.

Armed clashes in the city centre allegedly continued on 17 August 2015 and 4 persons reportedly died in Varto. Both Governorate of Muş and General Staff announced that the persons were PKK militants.

After the suspension of curfew, the civilian observers announced that the persons were civilians and were executed by the security forces either by firing or throwing explosives.

According to the forensic examination 2 of the killed persons were Rahmi Kızıltaş (36) and Abdullah Toprak (26). They were both born in Muş.

(08/093) Extra-judicial Killing Attempt in Bitlis…

Ö.C. (23) was heavily wounded when soldiers opened fire against a vehicle on 17 August 2015 in Tatvan district of Bitlis. The soldiers allegedly opened fire on the grounds that they suspected explosive was thrown from the vehicle in front of the Sorgun Military Barracks. But the persons in the vehicle were reportedly dumping pieces of garbage.

(08/094) Person Killed by Police Chief…

Celal Yılmaz, Deputy Security Director in İstanbul, shot motor bike driver Ahmet Sülüşoğlu to death on 7 August 2015after having a dispute in front of public houses in Halkalı quarter of İstanbul. Celal Yılmaz was arrested.

(08/095) Operations and Attacks in the Southeast…

A militant reportedly died during an armed clash on 17 August 2015 in Şemdinli district of Hakkari.

PKK militants closed the road between Şenkaya district of Erzurum and Göle district of Ardahan on 17 August 2015. The militants reportedly opened fire against a minibus on the grounds of not obeying stop warning. The driver Garip Bektaş (35) was heavily wounded during the incident and died in the hospital.

During the armed clash that broke out during the operations started after the attack one temporary village guard died.

One soldier was wounded when Security Directorate and Gendarmerie Command in Hizan district of Bitlis were attacked on 17 August 2015.

Governorate in Diyarbakır made a public statement on 17 August 2015 and announced that 20 regions in Silvan, Lice, Dicle and Kulp districts were decided to be military security zones for 15 days from 20 August to 5 September. Entrance of civilians to the military security zones was also banned.

(08/096) Hate Crime in İstanbul…

On 16 August 2015, a group of street musicians were reportedly attacked by conservative persons with dogs in a public park in Avcılar district of İstanbul. One of the attackers said “These are playing Jewish songs, they are from Israel. I will not let them continue…” Upon this, 2 other persons attacked the musician with dogs.

(08/097) Hate Crime in Düzce…

Kurdish seasonal workers in Çamlıpınar village of Cumayeri district in Düzce were attacked by a group on 17 August2015. The group attacked the workers with iron chains, sticks and firearms. 4 workers including 2 female workers were wounded.

(08/098) Persons Beaten by the Police in İstanbul…

The police beat 3 persons on 16 August 2015 in Beyoğlu district of İstanbul. The video footages of the incident revealed that the police stopped the persons and detained them after beating for minutes.

(08/099) Demonstration Intervened in Şırnak…

On 17 August 2015 in Cizre district of Şırnak, the police intervened a group of demonstrators who were celebrating the anniversary of PKK’s launch of armed struggle. The police opened fire to disperse the crowd and 7 persons were wounded during the intervention.

(08/100) Operations against the Ditches…

On 17 August 2015 in Silopi district of Diyarbakır, the police conducted operations against the groups who dug ditches on the roads to protest in the recent operations and pressures. The police opened fire with real bullets during the intervention, Hüseyin Yiğit (41) was wounded during the police attacks.

(08/101) Curfew…

Diyarbakır Governorate declared curfew in Lie district from 21.00 o’clock on 17 August 2015 till 7.00 o’clock on 18 August 2015. Governorate also announced curfew in Silvan district for a unknown period of time.

When people of Silvan staged demonstrations on the streets to protest in the curfew decision, the soldiers reportedly opened random fire in the district. Phone and internet access in the district was also cut by the service providers and flood of information was also restricted.

(08/102) Person Detained in İstanbul…

Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) member Bercan Aktaş was detained on 17 August 2015 in İstanbul on the allegations of “making propaganda of an illegal organisation”. Bercan Aktaş was reportedly detained for using the expression “Police Chief Ahmet Çamur was inactivated in Şemdinli” to criticise the common reporting language of mass media.

(08/103) Operations throughout Turkey…

Operations started following the declarations of self-governance in several parts of Kurdish provinces as a result of recent human rights violations by security forces continued in 17 and 18 August 2015.

The police conducted house raids against the members and executives of Democratic Regions Party (DBP) on 17 August2015 in Hakkari. 2 persons were reportedly detained during the raids.

House raids and detentions were also conducted in several other provinces. Peoples’ Democratic Congress (HDK) members Cafer Ay, Ecevit Taştı, Şiyar Karabay, Türkan Sünbül, Feremez Erkan, Nevzat Yılmaz and Şehmuz Kalkan in İstanbul, Ercan Daşkesen in Adana, Barış Dayan in Siirt were arrested on the allegations of “being member of an illegal organisation”. Özcan Özhülagün and Murat Tanhan were arrested in İzmir on the allegations of “making propaganda of an illegal organisation”.

During the operations and house raids on 17 August 2015, 5 persons in Mersin, 5 persons in Mardin, and 5 persons in Tekman district of Erzurum were detained.

Gendarmerie soldiers detained 4 persons on 17 August 2015 when a group of persons organised a human shield action against the recent operations on the food of Ağrı Mountain in Doğubayazıt district of Ağrı.

4 persons including 2 children who were detained during house raids in Tarsus district of Mersin were arrested on 17 August 2015 on the allegations of “being member of an illegal organisation” and “committing crime in the name of an illegal organisation”.

2 persons were detained during house raids conducted on 18 August 2015 in Ankara in connection with a “PKK Investigation”.