12 April 2016 HRFT Daily Human Rights Report

12 April 2016 Daily Human Rights Report

(04/069) Operations and Attacks in the Southeast…

Gendarmerie Command in Hani district of Diyarbakır was attacked on 11 April 2015 with a bomb truck. 2 soliders were killed, 8 civilians and 38 soldiers were wounded during the attack. RTÜK (supreme board of radio and television) imposed temporary ban on publication about the attack.

Curfew in Silopi district of Şırnak reached its 8th day as of 12 April 2016. 2 persons who were killed during an armed clash on 5 April 2016 were reportedly identified by their families as YPS members Velid İnan (Şoreşger Gap) and Ali Altürk’ün (Seyidxan Pîranî).

YPS General Coordination announced on 11 April 2016 that Abdullah Karaduman (Şoreş Nusaybin) and Abdurrahman Oral (Xalit Mardin) were killed during the clashes on 7 April 2016 in Nusaybin district of Mardin. YPS General Coordination also announced that Vedat Arsu (Rubar Qoser) was killed on 29 March 2016 in Yüksekova district of Hakkari.

Jirki tribe leader and temporary village guard Tahir Adıyaman was wounded when PKK militants closed a road on 11 April 2016 in Beytüşşebap district of Şırnak and opened fire against a group of village guards.

Tatar tribe member Yusuf Tatar was shot on 11 April 2016 in Şırnak when a group of temporary village guards were opened fire while trying to enter a zone under the control YPS.

The bodies of 6 YPS members who were killed during the armed clashes in Yüksekova district of Hakkari were transferred on 11 April 2016 to Erzurum for identification.

(04/070) Attack by Unidentified Assailants in Diyarbakır…

Semra Çelik (17-female) who was shot at head and wounded when she was opened fire from a “Toros” model vehicle on 5 April 2016 in Kayapınar district of Diyarbakır died on 11 April 2016 in the hospital. She was taken to Dicle University Medical School hospital. Her aunt and eyewitnesses alleged that the persons in the vehicle were police officers.

(04/071) Rocket Launched from Syria to Kilis…

12 persons were wounded in Kilis when a rocket was launched by IS/ISIS on 11 April 2016 from Syria to Kilis.

(04/072) Condition of Prisoners…

According to the news appeared in the press on 12 April 2016, Yılmaz Kahraman who was arrested after the operations conducted in 2009 in Adana in connection with a “KCK Investigation” and incarcerated in Silivri (İstanbul) E-type Prison was reportedly given a medical report alleging that he can serve his sentence in the prison despite the medical report by Forensic Institute certifying pituitary neoplasms in his brain.

(04/073) Persons on Trial in Mersin…

Mersin Heavy Penal Court No 2 continued on 11 April 2016 to hear the case against 11 persons including Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) MP for Hakkari province Nihat Akdoğan. The case was launched for taking part in several activities from 2011 to 2013 in Mersin and the indictment wants the defendants to be sentenced for “being member of an illegal organisation” and “making propaganda of an illegal organisation”.

After the testimonies of the present defendants, the court decided to separate the case of Nihat Akdoğan and adjourned the hearing to 30 June 2016.

(04/074) Detentions and Arrests…

Special Forces conducted operations on 11 April 2016 in Şırnak and Silopi district. At least 20 persons were detained during house raids and road controls. Headman of Cumhuriyet quarter in Şırnak province Hizni Uğur and Ethem Kızılcan were arrested.

Security Forces conducted house raids in Dağgöl, Kıran and Gazi quarters of Hakkari. 7 persons including Hakkari Vice Co-Mayor Derya Çiftçi and Deputy Co-Mayor Fatma Yıldız were detained during the operations.

Dicle News Agency (DİHA) correspondent Ziya Ataman who was detained in Van was arrested on 11 April 2016 on the allegations of “being member of an illegal organisation”.

The police conducted house raids in Nusaybn district of Mardn and detained Dicle News Agency (DİHA) correspondents Meltem Oktay and Uğur Akgül.

İbrahim Uygur who was worker with the local news portal and was released on probation was reportedly arrested in Şanlıurfa on the grounds that he did not appear for signature during probation.

Democratic Regions Party (DBP)  Co-Chairs for Ömerli district of Mardin province Mahmut Özdemir and Esma Yılmaz, Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) Co-Chair for Ömerli district Elmas Demircan who were detained on 8 April 2016 during riads against the premises of DBP and HDP were arrested on 11 April 2016 on the allegations of “making propaganda of an illegal organisation”.

Democratic Local Administrations Unity (Demokratik Yerel Yönetimler Birliği) Co-Chair Çimen Işık, DBP Party Assembly members Pero Dündar and Olcay Kanlıbaş, KJA member Zozan Toprak who were detained during raids conducted on 10 April 2016 in Diyarbakır were arrested on 12 April 2016 on the allegations of “being member of an illegal organisation”.