1-2 August 2016 HRFT Daily Human Rights Report

1-2 August 2016 Daily Human Rights Report

(08/001) Operations and Attacks in the Southeast…

On 1 August 2016, Governorate of Hakkari imposed curfew for 3 days in Şapatan village and its hamlets Serero (İncesu) and Bêtyo (Dereboyu) in Şemdinli district on the grounds of military operations to be conducted in the region.

2 soldiers were reportedly wounded when an armed attack was organised on the night of 1 August 2016 by Peoples’ United Revolution Movement (HBDH) composed of 8 Marxist-Leninist organisations against Dalören Gendarmerie Station in Hozat district in Tunceli.

7 police officers were killed and 3 police officers were wounded when a bomb vehicle exploded during the passage of an armoured vehicle on 1 August 2016 in Bingöl.

2 militants were killed, 2 police officers and 1 militant were wounded during an armed clash that broke out on 1 August 2016 nearby Çatbaşı village of Muş.

1 soldier who was heavily wounded when Hisar Tank Battalion was attacked on 29 July 2016 on foothill of Cudi Mountain in Cizre district of Şırnak died on 2 August 2016 in Gülhane Military Medical Academy hospital in Ankara.

1 temporary village guard was wounded during an armed clash on 2 August 2016 nearby Kozdere village of İslahiye in Gaziantep.

(08/002) Extra-judicial Killing Allegation in Tunceli…

Mesut İlkbahar who was going on 1 August 2016 to Dalören Gendarmerie Station from Pakîre village of Hozat district in Tunceli was shot to death when gendarmerie soldiers opened fire against his vehicle nearby the station. The officials announced that there was an armed clash and Mesut İlkbahar was caught between two fires.

His father Alişan İlkbahar who was also in the vehicle during incident was kept in the station for a while and released. He said: “My son was bringing me to the station to sign documents in connection with a court case launched against me. While approaching the station 3-4 bullets hit our vehicle. My son got off the vehicle. The he raised his hands and said that he was shot.” The villagers also declared that the clash was in the evening.

(08/003) Extra-judicial Killing Attempt in Mardin…

According to the news appeared in the press on 1 August 2016, Nurullah Ekici (20) and another person with the first name Uğur were wounded when Turkish troops opened fire for attempting to pass the border from Qamişlo province of Rojova to Nusaybin district of Mardin in Turkey.

(08/004) Extra-judicial Killing in Şanlıurfa…

Xelîl Dawûd Mihemed (25) was shot to death by Rojavan soldiers when he wanted to pass the border from Serêkaniye province of Rojova to Ceylanpınar district of Şanlıurfa in Turkey on 1 August 2016.

(08/005) Pressures in Prisons…

According to the news appeared in the press on 1 August 2016, 10 prisoners incarcerated in Şakran (İzmir) Women’s Prison who staged a sit-in action to protest in the practices of the administration during visits were beaten by the guards. The prisoners reportedly protested restriction on communication and criminal record check of the visitors.

(08/006) Web Site Banned…

On 1 August 2016, Telecommunication Communication Directorate (TİB) banned access to the new domain of Jin News Agency (JİNHA). The number of the banned domains of JİNHA reached 6.

(08/007) Investigations, Detentions and Arrests on the Allegations of Insulting State President…

O.F. (36) who was detained in Seferihisar district of İzmir on the allegations of “insulting the State President” through comments on social media was arrested on 1 August 2016.

(08/008) Detentions and Arrests…

The police and gendarmerie conducted house raids against members and executives of Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) and Democratic Regions Party (DBP) on 1 August 2016 in Karayazı district of Erzurum. 59 persons were detained during the operations.