IRCT member in Turkey Human Rights Foundation of Turkey (HRFT) has released a statement following Friday night’s failed coup d’état in Turkey, expressing its deep concern about the mass arrest of thousands of soldiers and civilians as well as allegations of torture and ill-treatment of detainees.

Images have recently surfaced, showing dozens of detainees huddled together naked and handcuffed on the floor. According to HRFT, the images suggest that the detainees have also been subjected to torture and ill treatment.

The IRCT is deeply concerned about the mass arrests and allegations of torture and ill treatment of detainees, calling on Turkey to ensure the physical and psychological wellbeing of all prisoners, commit to a fair and just treatment of detainees in accordance with international human rights standards and investigate all allegations and reports of torture and ill treatment in accordance with the principles of the Istanbul Protocol.

In the past five days, the Turkish authorities have ordered thousands of judges and university staff to resign their positions and on Wednesday, a three-month state of emergency was declared.

This happens in a context where the space for dissenting voices has been rapidly shrinking in recent years. The IRCT is deeply concerned that the attempted coup may be used as an excuse for further erosion of fundamental rights and calls on the Turkish authorities to ensure rule of law and full compliance with international human rights standards.

People in Turkey who have been subjected to torture and ill-treatment, as well as those who have been affected by the severe social violence atmosphere related to the coup attempt are encouraged to contact one of HRFT’s rehabilitation centres for assistance.

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