15 March 2017

Good Medical Practice Cannot be Prosecuted!

The first hearing of the case concerning Human Rights Foundation of Turkey Cizre Representative and former president of the Şırnak Medical Chamber Serdar Küni MD., who was detained for almost 5 months, was held on March 13th, 2017, at the Şırnak 2nd Heavy Penal Court.

By this trial, a mervellous solidarity environment has been established by both participation of representatives of the most prominent medical and human rights organisations from all around the World in person, and also by the written statements and letters that they have sent.

Along with representatives of Turkish Medical Association and Medical Chambers of many cities, Trade Union of Public Employees in Health and Social Services, Human Rights Association, Bar and Lawyers Association; there were also representatives of several human rights organizations from throughout the world, including Bjorn Oscar Hoftved from World Medical Association and Norwegian Medical Association, Susannah Sirkin from Physicians for Human Rights (PHR), Per Stadig from Stockholm-Red Cross Center for Tortured Refugees, Lutz Oette from School of Oriental and African Studies Law Department, Rudi Friedrich from War Resisters’ International (WRI) and Ernst Ludwig Iskenius from Physicians Group of Amnesty International Germany and International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War (IPPNW) attended the hearing.

As you know, Serdar Küni MD. has been detained and tried with groundless allegations concerning his professional practices and yesterday during the trial it became very obvious that these allegations are not based on any concrete evidences by the statements of witnesses who stated that they were tortured during interrogation, alongside with the indisputableness of universal ethics. Despite all, Serdar Küni MD. wasn’t released and next trial is postponed to April 24, 2017. This decision has no possiblity to be accepted by none of the members of national and international community.

We thank all our friends and colleagues, who attended to this valuable gathering, and who through various channels, provided their support and displayed solidarity with us, in the face of these unfounded charges concerning Serdar Küni MD., who practiced his profession in the witness of everyone by the fundamental ethical and scientific references of good medical practice.

Since the very first day, we know that the real target of this “trial” is national and international law and conventions, universal ethical principles of good medical practice and mainly human conscience. Therefore, we once again lay emphasis on the importance of this case both for Turkey and for the whole medical World.

As the consequence of all these, we believe that Serdar Küni MD. will become free on April 24, 2017 through this environment of solidarity that we will strengthen more all together.


Metin Bakkalcı

HRFT Secretary General