You can apply to HRFT Ethical Committee about the studies that you want to realize !

HRFT Ethical Committee is formed to conduct the Treatment and Rehabilitation Projects of HRFT, to evaluate the applicants and, if necessary, to express opinions during HRFT’s operations by the means of ethics.

This committee is consisted by 5 experienced people in the fields of positive sciences, social sciences, ethics, education, health, law etc. elected to represent the Foundation in every field of study by the Executive Committee of the Foundation.


Ethical Committee evaluates received research studies uttermost in 2 months. Committee decide by the majority of votes, yet different opinions are expressed by their reasons in the response. Dissenting opinions can be attached to decision book and this opinion is preserved in the report which is to present to the Executive Committee.

Existing Ethical Committee of HRFT consists of Nilgün TOKER, Berna ARDA, M. Emin ÖNDER, Türkan SANCAR and Hüsnü ÖNDÜL.

For detailed information: TİHV Etik Rehberi (in Turkish)

Ethical Committee Aplication Form: TİHV Etik Kurul Başvuru Formu (in Turkish)