What is documentation for?

The systematic documentation of human rights violations is a useful strategy to protect human rights and extend freedom. It is helpful to illuminate past violations and punish the responsible ones for their crimes. With regards to the work of human right organisations, it helps us both to see how systematic is a violation and in which ways we could struggle against it, and also let us show public that the most common phrase of governments which is “isolated incident” is a big lie.

Specific to HRFT’s reports, since our foundation in 1990, our reports have been used as an important resource for alternative or shadow reports both by national and international human rights organisations and preventive mechanisms.


So, how does HRFT Documentation Centre Work?

Our Documentation Centre;

  • Prepares daily human rights vioaltions reports and distrubute them in English and Turkish both through our website ( and our mail group if you like to join that by sending an empty e-mail to with the title “daily human rights violations report application.”
  • Prepares also annual and special reports.
  • Holds an extensive archive over Turkey’s human rights violations especially about the violation of absolute ban of torture and other ill treatment.
  • Informs international commitees through reports and by meetings.