3 April 2017

According to the information gathered by the HRFT Documentation Centre, between 16 August 2015 and 1 April 2017, there has been at least 189 officially confirmed round-the-clock [all daylong] and open-ended curfews in 10 cities and at least 41 districts of Turkey. These cities are as follows: DİYARBAKIR (110 times), MARDİN (28 times), HAKKÂRİ (19 times), ŞIRNAK (13 times), BİTLİS (5 times), BATMAN (3 times), MUŞ (2 times), BİNGÖL (3 times), TUNCELİ (5 times) and ELAZIĞ (1 time). In terms of right to life, right to health and other fundamental human rights, these curfews affected at least 1 million 809 thousand people.

Click here to download the detailed table of curfews.

1 april curfews map