March, 7, 2017

The first hearing of the case concerning former President of Şırnak Medical Association and HRFT Cizre Reference Center Representative MD.Serdar Küni, who is “detained” now for approximately 5 months, will be held at the Şırnak 2nd Heavy Penal Court on Monday, March 13th, 2017 at 1.45 pm.

Serdar Küni, who has been, despite immense difficulties, decisively practicing medicine in Cizre for years with a strong commitment to the fundamental values; was arrested on October 19, 2016 with groundless allegations concerning his professional practices.

serdar fotoDuring the next steps of this “trial”, we will expose these groundless allegations and the value of good medical practices through MD.Serdar Küni, who practiced his profession especially within the region that is going through massive pain for years in the witness of everyone by the fundamental ethical and scientific references of medicine. We will be altogether in Şırnak on March 13th to remind everyone that the real target of this “trial” is national and international law and conventions, universal ethical principles and human conscience, and that good medical practice cannot be prosecuted!

We are honored to express that, herewith, the solidarity for good medical practice gets beyond the borders. Representatives of several international medical and human rights organizations from throughout the World, including Bjorn Oscar Hoftved from World Medical Association and Norwegian Medical Association, Susannah Sirkin from Physcians for Human Rights (PHR), Per Stadig from Red Cross Foundation Sweden, Lutz Oette from School of Oriental and African Studies Law Department and Rudi Friedrich from War Resisters’ International (WRI) will be participating the Forum on Good Medical Practice in Diyarbakır on March 12th, at 11 am along with General Secretary of Turkish Medical Association MD. Sezai Berber, former presidents of TMA Prof.MD Gençay Gürsoy and Prof.MD. Özdemir Aktan and General Secretary of HRFT MD. Metin Bakkalcı and many more representatives of different cities in Turkey.

Right after the forum, we will be together for the Peace, Companionship and Democracy Award Ceremony which is granted by Diyarbakır Medical Chamber since 1996. The awardees of 2017 are MD.Serdar KÜNİ, who practiced medicine in Cizre with a strong commitment to the fundamental values of the profession and laid claim on ethics of medicine, human rights and right to health of people on any grounds and therefore got arrested, and writer Aslı ERDOĞAN, in the name of all intellectuals and writers due to her act and statements that strengthens human rights struggle during these difficult times.

Right after the forum, we will be off to Şırnak for the next day trial, including the attendance of Ernst Ludwig Iskenius from Physicians Group of Amnesty International-Germany and International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War (IPPNW).

We have trust in our solidarity and looking forward to share and strengthen our values all together on March 12th at the forum and award ceremony in Diyarbakır and on March 13th at the trial in Şırnak.


Turkish Medical Associations

Diyarbakır Medical Association

Human Rights Association

Please click here to download the call and the programme as pdf.

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