Confinement of MD. Serdar Küni, former President of Şırnak Medical Association and HRFT Cizre Reference Center Representative, who has been, all through his life, guided only by good medical practice, should be immediately ended!

Practicing medicine on the basis of the fundamental values of the profession is a very difficult task in the context of the armed conflicts that resumed on Summer 2015, before we could cope with the massive pains of the past; and particularly in Cizre, which is witnessing inconceivable agonies in the recent period. MD. Serdar Küni, who has been, despite immense difficulties, decisively practicing medicine in Cizre for years, with a strong commitment to these fundamental values; was arrested on October 19, 2016 and sent to the Şırnak Prison, with groundless allegations concerning his professional practices.

All through his life, MD. Serdar Küni practiced his profession, in the witness of everyone, with a strong commitment to the fundamental ethical and scientific references of medicine, whose only raison d’etre is to protect and improve human life.

Therefore, the real target of this arrest is national and international law and conventions, universal ethical principles, and human conscience.

The arrest of MD. Serdar Küni, HRFT Cizre Reference Center Representative, is an attempt to repress HRFT -whose mission is to struggle for prevention of torture in our country and in the World-, and all efforts for eradicating torture and other severe human rights violations. This unlawful practice, MD. Serdar Küni’nin is subjected to, should be IMMEDIATELY revoked.

It is evident that until this unlawful practice is revoked, we will continue an effective and democratic struggle, together with all persons and institutions concerned.

We have no doubt that this unlawful practice will be ended in the shortest time, thanks to the solidarity and struggle of the doctors and health professionals, who adopt the values of good medical practice, and broadly of all human rights defenders at the national and international scene.

Human Rights Foundation of Turkey

Executive Board