Alternative Report to the United Nations Committee against Torture for its Consideration of the 4th Periodic Report of Turkey is alternative to the Replies of the Government of Turkey to the list of issues prior to the submission of the fourth periodic report (LoIPR), distributed on 26 January 2014. On the other hand this report aims to bring the concerning issues to the Committee’s attention within the period of review.
Human Rights Foundation of Turkey (HRFT) has been providing treatment and rehabilitation services to torture survivors and their relatives since 1990. HRFT submitted its report focussing on a wide range of topics in regards to Turkey’s 3rd Periodic Report to the Committee which was well reflected in its Concluding Observations (CAT/C/TUR/3).
This submission for the fourth period shall be considered as an output of not only HRFT but the relevant human rights organisations1 and numbers of human rights defenders.

You can also reach to the United Nations Committee against Torture Concluding Observations on the Fourth Periodic Reports of Turkey (02 June 2016-CAT/C/TUR/CO/4) in this book.

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